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  • gala shaped pork pie of various flavours

  • Pork , Chicken and Ham Cold Cutting Pie

  • Game Pie

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Quality handmade pies & quiches, lovingly crafted with fresh British ingredients from recipes old and new!

Pies For The Connoisseur

All made with full traceability British meats.

Our pies are not for the faint hearted, they are so big we have put them in pudding basins!!

(They are not to be confused with the regular commercial size pies..240grm!!).

These are real belly fillers.

Choose any 10 flavours for £42.00 which includes delivery over night to your door in a insulated box.

Please select 10 flavours.

Meat pies

Steak and ale
Steak and kidney
Steak and horse raddish
Steak and caramalized onion
Steak and mushroom
Steak and stilton
Steak with a black pudding gravy
Chicken and ham in white sauce

Flavoured pork pies

Pork cheese and pickle
Pork chicken & ham
Pork and black pudding
Pork , apple & Stilton
Spicy hot
Chicken and Cranberry

Scotch Egg Flavours

Please select 10 flavours – price £36


Pork, Chicken and Ham 12 portion – price £28

Game Pie - 12 Portion – price £30

Our pies and quiches

Our pies and quiches

Our pies and quiches

Mainland UK Deliveries Only