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  • gala shaped pork pie of various flavours

  • Pork, Chicken and Ham Cold Cutting Pie

  • Game Pie

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Quality handmade pies & quiches, lovingly crafted with fresh British ingredients from recipes old and new!



6 years ago my wife Trish watched a Food Program with Andy Bates and the rest is history

She went out of the house and bought all the ingredients she had wrote down. Came back and followed the instructions; and hey presto pork pie salad for tea.

Since then we have been making pork pies of all sizes, shapes, and flavors testing on friends who could not refuse a free lunch. This was our way of finding out if we could run with the idea of making them in numbers” and find a market for them as we both loved pork pies,

Like most people we could not find one that tasted like a pork pie or had any jelly in it.

After 9 weeks of making and tasting and reaching a ratio of 80% customer satisfaction we then decided to have a go, Our first food show WOW!! Totally sold out and many emails with great reviews. Over the next 6 months 5 more shows and the same results SOLD OUT

We now make hundreds every week on a make to order basis, NO off the shelf sales like most manufacturers FRESH is best, there is no substitute for freshness and Hand Made.

We know from what people tell us and our attention to detail and the old fashioned jelly we put into every pork pie we make is what people want

We love what we do and being part of a British cottage industry” were quality is more important than quantity and not having to use mass production tactics is critical

HAND MADE is the future of all foodie lovers

Over the last 2 years we have developed a range of meat pies just like our mothers used to make, we put them in pudding bowl foils for that authentic look” With Fresh Ingredients.

And YES without all the Additives and Hidden Nasties manufactures use (onion powders etc)

Enquiries from businesses at surrounding county food shows we have attended has now led us to become a FULLY HEALTH APPROVED BAKERY, due to the demand for our pies HOWEVER!!

Please be assured every single pie made is strictly produced using Locally Certified Meats and Red Tractor Approved Meats, British meats are simply the best

Our pies and quiches

Our pies and quiches

Our pies and quiches